Online shopper also most valuable offline

Online shopper also most valuable offline

If your product can’t be found easily in online groceries stores, on the first page or in the right online grocery category you will start losing sales in store. You might think we mean losing sales online but we actually mean that if your product doesn’t have the right support and correct product placement or right category you will lose offline as well in the long run.

Here are the reasons why:

  • Shoppers search online. Leading edge consumers show patterns of using apps to a higher extent than others when making purchases offline which gives us insights into what all of us will do in the future. Most purchases will be initiated or supported by an online search or mobile app meaning that if you aren’t online you will be left behind.
  • Online brand building impacts offline purchases. The online grocery shopper using dinner solutions are those who stock up on weekends and the pick & mix customers complement their shopping in convenience stores. So the brand building created online will influence shopper decisions at the point of purchase in store!

You can buy yourself attention online but it has its price tag. Using your money wisely is difficult since so little data is available for suppliers on what is most efficient. Should you invest in an online promo or an insert or both or simply improve your product’s search tags?

What if you could make sense of e-shopper behavior and your investments? With Simstore we create replicas of online grocery stores and enable scenario testing of different taxonomies, product placements (inserts) and promotions.

Contact us to discuss how you can become a forerunner in groceries online!

Louise Eriksson

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