NORM stays tuned to the latest in-store trends

NORM stays tuned to the latest in-store trends

Katarina Bergström, Head of concept development at COOP, showed the latest COOP flagship store in Stockholm to the entire NORM team.

At NORM we believe that it is important to stay on top of new trends and developments to be a valuable business partner for our clients. That is why we were delighted to accept an invitation from Katarina Bergström, Head of concept development at COOP, who took the entire NORM team for some fresh inspiration on a tour of the latest COOP flagship store in Stockholm to the new COOP flagship store in Västberga, Stockholm.

Katarina gave us the chance to learn how she and her team have transformed the COOP store and their reasoning behind the changes. She showed us multiple examples of how COOP has redefined every single detail in-store to improve the shopper experience and thus increase shopper satisfaction.

Their strategy is focused on creating an inspiring and welcome atmosphere for the whole family within a grocery shopping environment that ensures a pleasant experience for the shopper. Throughout the whole store COOP has renewed the lightning, store layout, use of colours and interior elements.

Here are some highlights:

Changing context
LabelingCOOP has chosen a new approach. Instead of labeling categories with traditional category names that invariably refer to the products they contain, COOP is now using associative words to describe the category, e.g. fresh, kitchen – a way of triggering the subconscious memories of the shopper.

Shelf signs – Contextual information is provided across a variety of different categories to influence the purchase process – it enhances the category and creates context for the shopper.

Store engagement for kids
All over the store, you will find plenty of fun elements for kids from stickers on the freezers, to skip hops and interactive screens on the floor. So while the kids have fun, their parents are left undisturbed with time to browse the shelves. And, as we all know, happy shoppers spend more.

Create shopper solutions 
– To help and inspire shoppers, COOP uses ‘conceptualizations’, which cluster different SKU’s that relate to each given context – an excellent executional example of this is an example of food and non-food – a seasonal corner where you can buy apples, baking powder, a recipe book for baking, a pie form and baking ware.

We conclude that the store-check was a great success – an inspirational knowledge boost that that we are convinced will be advantage of our clients. We would like to thank and compliment COOP and Katarina Bergström for their efforts and a very warm welcome.

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